Logistics and Rule 

Rules and Logistics


30 th NOVEMBER 2018



The Round Jamaica Yacht Race (organizing) is organized by Round Jamaica Yacht Race Ltd in association with the Royal Jamaica Yacht Club (RJYC). The race will start at 12:00 hours on the 30th November 2018.


(1.1) The Organising Authority” (OA) referred to in this Notice of Race is Round Jamaica Yacht Race Ltd.

(1.2) The RJYR be governed by the following rules:

(1.2.1) The Rules as defined in the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2017-2020 issued by World Sailing (WS)

(1.2.3) IRC Rule 2018, parts A, B and C

(1.2.4) The Sailing Instructions (SI) issued by the Organising Authority and any amendments thereto.

(1.2.5) Between the official times for sunset and sunrise, the right of way rules of the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (IRPCAS) shall replace Part 2 of the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS).

(1.2.6) In the event of a conflict between the Sailing Instructions and this Notice of Race, the Sailing Instructions shall prevail. The Sailing Instructions may invoke rule changes as allowed for in RRS Rule 86.

(1.3) Sailing Instructions issued by the Organising Authority will be made available at the Race Office to paid up and confirmed entries by 24th September 2018.

(1.4) The Organising Authority reserves the right to amend this Notice of Race until not later than 15th October 2018. These changes will be sent to Entrants whose entries have already been accepted and posted on the Event Facebook page.

(1.5) The Organising Authority will appoint an International Jury as per RRS Appendix N. The decisions of the International Jury will be final as allowed for in RRS Rule 70.5.

(1.6) By making an application for entry in the race, the Entrant of a boat acknowledges that the various terms of this Notice of Race including any amendments thereto, as well as all the rules and regulations referred to in paragraph 1 of this Notice of Race and in the Sailing Instructions shall be complied with. Specific attention is drawn to RRS Fundamental Rule 4, which states: “The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone”, and to WS Offshore Special Regulation 1.02.1 which states “The safety of a yacht and her crew is the sole and inescapable responsibility of the Person in Charge…”.


(2.1) The Round Jamaica Yacht Race is open to offshore boats that fully satisfy the requirements of the WS Offshore Special Regulations 2018-2019 for Category 2 races.

(2.2) Boats shall be built to a standard that complies with the requirements of Section 3 of the WS Offshore Special Regulations 2018-2019.

(2.3) Boats must satisfy the stability requirements of Section 3 of the WS Offshore Special Regulations.

(2.4) Where it is not possible for a yacht to demonstrate compliance with ISO 12217-2 Design Category A and the corresponding STIX and AVS requirements, a boat will be considered eligible if it has an SSS base value of at least 28 as stated on its IRC rating certificate.

(2.5) Boats shall have a hull length of not less than 6.5 meters. A boat’s hull length shall be taken as defined by IRC and ORC Rules and stated in its rating certificate.

(2.6) The Entrant, Owner or Charterer of a participating boat shall hold current adequate marine legal liability insurance coverage with respect to the boat, valid when racing and will ensure that all crewmembers are aware of the importance of effecting appropriate personal insurance.

(2.7) The Entrant and Person in Charge of each participating boat shall be a member of a yacht club affiliated with its National Authority.

(2.8) All Crewmembers shall meet the requirements of WS Regulation 19 – Eligibility Code with only the Person in Charge being required to comply with 19.6. All crewmembers shall be at least 14 years of age by the 30th September 2018. Any crewmember still under the age of 18 by the day before the start of the race shall supply the written consent of a parent or legal guardian, which consent shall be attached to the crew list submitted on registration before the race.

(2.9) The Person in Charge of each participating boat shall ensure that there are adequate knowledge and experience among his crew to take part in a Category 2 offshore race. The Person in Charge and at least half the members of the crew shall have previously taken part in an offshore race of extended duration. At least 30%, but not less than two members of the crew including the Person in Charge shall have undergone training in survival at sea as required by OSR 6.01. Any training course covering the topics included in the WS Approved Offshore Personal Survival Training Course given by suitably qualified and experienced instructors will be considered as satisfying this requirement. As required by OSR 6.05 at least one crewmember should be familiar with the management of medical emergencies that may occur at sea and hold a qualification in First Aid or be a practicing medical practitioner. The minimum number of persons on a boat shall be two.

(2.10) Boats must have a current and valid rating certificate for the rating Categories they enter for and must comply in all respects with that rating certificate.


(3.1) IRC Category – Boats having a current and valid IRC rating certificate may enter in the IRC Category. The overall winner shall be the winner under IRC.

(3.4) Multihull Category – Multihulls having a current and valid MOCRA rating certificate may enter the Multihull Category.

(3.6) The formation of any of the above categories or classes is at the discretion of the Organising Authority and subject to a minimum of four entries. However, should there be sufficient entries, the Organising Authority reserves the right to form subdivisions of classes. At the discretion of the Organising Authority, a class may be formed with less than four entries. Prospective participants in particular classes are encouraged to promote their class by arranging group entries to ensure the minimum number required. The Organising Authority reserves the right to accept entries or classes that are not listed above.


(4.1) The Person in Charge shall be required to sign a declaration that they are in full compliance with the requirements of the WS Offshore Special Regulations 2018-2019. A checklist will be provided by the Organising Authority to assist Persons in Charge in complying with these regulations.

(4.2) The Person in Charge should ensure that their boat is in full compliance with its rating certificate and class rules as applicable.

(4.3) Boats may be inspected before the race for compliance with the requirements of safety as well as measurement and rating. For this purpose, boats are to be made available for Scrutineering at the Royal Jamaica Yacht Club or a location agreed between the Organising Authority and the Entrant during the period from 26th to 29th November 2018. It is mandatory that the Person in Charge or his authorized representative be present at the time of inspection. Further inspections may be carried out to any boat after the race.


An electronic tracking system may be used to track the position of participating boats during the race and participants will be required to allow the installation of tracking beacons on their boats. The Organising Authority may use the information received from the system for media coverage of the race as well as for technical and safety purposes. Participants shall be responsible for the beacon while on board and shall return it to the Race Office after the race. On registration, participants will be required to give a credit card number from which account the Organising Authority may charge the sum of JMD 100,000 if the beacon is not returned.


(6.1) An application for entry should be made by using the on line entry form posted on the Event Website www.roundjamaica.com. Alternatively an application may be made on a copy of the entry form which may be downloaded from the website or obtained at the Royal Jamaica Yacht Club and sent, competed, by mail to the Royal Jamaica Yacht Club or by email to sail@roundjamaica.com. Prospective competitors are urged to make their application for entry early and should submit with their application the following documentation:

(6.1.1) Copies of Measurement and Rating Certificates.

(6.1.2) Verification of compliance with the hull construction and stability requirements of WS Offshore Special Regulations (2018-2019.

(6.1.3) Colour photograph, preferably digital, of the boat under sail.

(6.2) Following the submission of the documentation required in 6.1, the Organising Authority will notify the entrant of his acceptance and the entry must then be confirmed by not later than the 24th October 2018 the payment of the applicable entry fees and submit the following additional documentation:

(6.2.1) Updated copies of Measurement and Rating Certificates for rating Categories entered if amended after the issue of the certificate submitted with the application for entry.

(6.2.2) Certificate of insurance in English with details of the cover and the insurer.

(6.2.3) EPIRB number, Call Sign and MMSI number where available.

(6.3) On arrival in Jamaica for the race, the Person in Charge must complete the registration process at the Race Office which includes the submission of a crew list with next of kin details in the form supplied by the Organising Authority. The Person in Charge and all the crew will also be required to sign a Disclaimer of Liability and a Media Release and Image Rights Waiver, as supplied by the Organising Authority. A copy of all race documents, schedule of events and other information will be provided by the Organising Authority on registration.

(6.4) At the discretion of the Organising Authority, an entry may be accepted after the 1st October 2018 and shall be required to pay the specified late entry fee. No further entries will be accepted after the 24th October 2018.

(6.5) No applications for changes to rating certificates shall be allowed after the 30th September 2018 except to correct a genuine error or to make corrections as a result of a rating protest before the start of the race.

(6.6) An Entry may be canceled by advising the Organising Authority. Cancellations made before 24th September will be eligible for a full refund of the race entry fee. Cancellations made after this date will be eligible for a refund of 50% of the race entry fee. No refund will be given if an Entrant fails to notify the Organising Authority of cancellation by 5 pm on the 15th October 2018.

(6.7) The Entrant is the person considered responsible for the entry and shall be the person to appear in connection with the entry, together with the boat name, on any documentation pertaining to the event, including the results.

(6.8) The nationality of the entry shall be that country for which the Entrant declares and shall be declared when making the entry.

(6.9) The submission of documents requested by the Organising Authority does not exonerate the Entrant from any of his responsibilities and receipt by the Organising Authority shall not imply verification of the validity or adequacy of the documents submitted to it.

  1. FEES

The following fees shall be paid on confirmation of entry following acceptance of the application for entry. Entrants who have been full members of the Royal Jamaica Yacht Club for at least two years are eligible for a rebate of 25% on these fees.

Hull Lt. - 35 ft36ft-50ft 50ft+
Base Entry Fee J$33,000
USD $250
USD $335
USD $375

Additional fee for late entry: J$20,000 (USD 150) / J$30,000 (USD 230) / 40,000 (USD 300)

*J$ = JMD


24th October 2018 – Entry closes – Entries will only be accepted after this date at the discretion of the Organising Authority

30th November 2018 – Round Jamaica Yacht Race


(9.1) Round Jamaica Yacht Race – Starting from Port Royal, boats will sail a course leaving to port or starboard the island of Jamaica, to the finish in Port Royal. The length of the course is approximately 382 nautical miles.


The IRC Category shall be scored on corrected time.


There are no time limits.


A boat may receive help from an outside source in the form of information which is freely available to all boats, which shall include navigational, weather, tide or current information from any source which is available to all boats whether or not by payment of a fee or subscription, but shall not include any information gathered or the subject of interpretation by, or any advice received from, any source not on board the boat and which is specific to the boat and her situation.


(13.1) Weather Briefing – A Weather Briefing will be held for competitors on the morning of the 30th November,2018.

(13.2) Race Briefing – A Race Briefing will be held immediately after the Weather Briefing.

(13.3) Attendance – Two crew members of a boat intending to compete in the Round Jamaica Yacht Race should attend the whole of the Weather Briefing and the Race Briefing. It is strongly recommended that these briefings be attended by the Person in Charge and the Navigator.


(14.1) It is intended to award first, second and third prizes where the number of entries is six or more boats and first and second prizes where there are only five or fewer boats entered.

(14.2) The Round Jamaica Yacht Race Trophy will be awarded to the overall winner on corrected time of the IRC Category.


As part of the registration process, each owner, each Person in Charge and each individual participating crewmember will be required to sign a declaration accepting the following disclaimer of liability:

I agree to be bound by the World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2017/2020, by the Sailing Instructions and the Notice of Race. I agree that the sole and inescapable responsibility for the nautical qualities of any yacht participating in the ROUND JAMAICA YACHT RACE, her rigging, the safety equipment on board and the competence, behavior, and dress of her crew is that of the Person in Charge of the yacht.

I also agree to take any and all responsibility for all damages whatsoever caused to third persons or their belongings, to myself or to my belongings, ashore and at sea as a consequence of my participation in the regatta, and hereby relieve from any responsibility, and agree to indemnify on a full indemnity basis and hold harmless, the Organising Authority, ROYAL JAMAICA YACHT CLUB, its servants, agents and sponsors.

I am acquainted with RRS Part 1 Fundamental Rule 4: “A boat is solely responsible for deciding whether or not to start or to continue racing”.

In any case, I agree that the Organising Authority, ROYAL JAMAICA YACHT CLUB, its servants, agents and sponsors, and their representatives have no responsibility for loss of life or injury to members or others, or for the loss of, or damage to any vessel or property.


Berthing will be provided for participating boats at no additional cost by the Royal Jamaica Yacht Club at marinas in Kingston Harbour at the RJYC or at any other location as necessary. Berths will be allocated to competing boats by the OA and owners are to contact the RJYC for further information. Berthing will be available from Wednesday 28th November until the day after prize-giving.

 Last Date RequirementDocuments to be submitted
Application for Entry Open as of
January 2018.
Electronic Entry Application Verification of Hull Construction
Standard [Copy]
Rating Certificates [Copy]
Colour Image [electronic]

Deadline for entry.24 th October 2018 Payment of Entry Fees Verification of Hull Construction
Rating Certificates
Insurance Certificate in ENGLISH.
Crew list &
Next of Kin form
Extended deadline for entry at discretion of OA and subject to additional late entry fee. 12th October 2018 As above
All documentation above.

Rating Certificate.
Registration with
Race Office at RJYC
28th November 2018 at 18.00 HrsSignature of documents. Crew List
Next of Kin form
Liability Disclaimer
Media Release
Image rights waiver.


Course Map

Rules and Logistics




(1.1) The Race will be governed by these Sailing Instructions, the Rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (i.e. the current ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing 2013-2016, including supplements issued up to 01 January 2016), Regulations for PHRF handicaps, ORC Special Regulations governing offshore racing (Category 3 Race), and after clearing the THREE FATHOM BANK buoy, or from Sunset of the day of the Start to the Finish, will be subject to the International Regulations for the Prevention of Collision at Sea (COLREGS).

(1.2)  The course takes competitors within the Shipping Channels approaching Kingston Harbour, so all must pay careful attention to the movement of large shipping vessels in the Channel. Be aware that as these large vessels are restricted in their ability to maneuver, it is your responsibility to keep clear of any such vessels transiting the channel.


ISAF Rule 44.2 (720º Turns Penalty) shall NOT apply for an infringement of a Rule of Part 2.ISAF Rule 44.3 (Scoring Penalty) shall be in effect.


The Race is classified as a Category “C” event in accordance with ISAF Regulation 20.3 and Appendix G RRS 2013-16.

  •  The race is an All-comers Race, open to all Cruisers, J-22’s and other sailboats with a valid PHRFhandicap rating. All sailboats must conform to their individual class rules for offshore racing.
  • Competitors may enter by completing an online application at roundjamaica.com/application-form/.
  • The Race Book is to be signed by the boat’s owner or owner’s representative prior to the race, signifying compliance with these Sailing Instructions.
  • Please ensure that your boat is appropriately insured for offshore racing.
  • The ENTRANCE FEE is indicated on the website. Cheques preferred, made payable to Shields Crime & Security.
  • All participating boats are subject to a seaworthy and safety check during the week prior to race start. Failure to comply may render the boat ineligible to participate in the race.


The Races will be started in accordance with ISAF Rule 26. The races will be started using the following signals as permitted by RRS 86.1 (b).

Signal                                      Meaning                      Minutes to start

3 short sounds                      Warning                                         10

 2 short sounds                      Warning                                           5

 1 short sounds                      Start Race                                           

In the event a Start Committee Boat is not available for the start of the Race, the Officer in charge shall advise the fleet of changes to the start procedure at least 30 minutes prior to the start.

INDIVIDUAL RECALL – one (1) sound signal after the starting signal. Specific communication on VHF Channel 68 not mandatory.

GENERAL RECALL – Repeated multiple sound signals, and/or general communication on VHF Channel 68.


12pm Friday 2nd February 2018.


  • THE STARTING LINE (Port Royal): The Starting Line will be between a temporary mark placed just north of the Morgan’s Harbour Marina and a Flag placed on the Marina dock and flanked by the Start Committee. Boats will start East to West leaving Morgan’s Harbour Marina to port.

  • THE FINISHING LINE (Port Royal): The Finishing Line will be a transit line made by Harbour Shoal marker – leave this marker to starboard – and the Tide Gauge Marker east of the Harbour Shoal marker.

  • THE COURSE: From the START LINE, southward to the Kingston South Channel leaving all navigation buoys and marks on their proper hand (CHEVANNES, HARBOUR SHOAL and VIDAL SHOAL to Port; WEST MIDDLE ROCK buoy may be passed on either hand; TURTLE HEAD and THREE FATHOMS BANK buoys to Starboard). From the Kingston South Channel, either eastwards towards Morant Point or south-westwards towards Portland Point, and continuing to completely circumnavigate the mainland of Jamaica and then re-entering the Kingston South Channel to proceed to the FINISH LINE, leaving all navigation buoys and marks on their proper hand (CHEVANNES, HARBOUR SHOAL and VIDAL SHOAL to Starboard; WEST MIDDLE ROCK buoy may be passed on either hand; TURTLE HEAD and THREE FATHOMS BANK buoys to Port).

Once outside the Kingston South Channel, all yachts shall specifically NOT be permitted to sail inshore between the mainland of Jamaica and any of the following:

–          WRECK REEF,



–          ALLIGATOR REEF.


There is NO time limit for this race.


Sailboats will be handicapped by the “Time on Time” system in accordance with the PHRF Ratings as determined by the RJYC Handicap Committee.


  • A Yacht shall not receive special information concerning the Race by any means unless this information is available to all competing sailboats and at the same time.  Cellular phones included.
  • All should monitor VHF Channel 16, with VHF Channel 68 as the recommended working channel for this Race (it shall be the preferred channel used for general race management and safety coordination).
  • All boats should “sign in” twice a day to Race Headquarters (VHF and cell phone signals permitting) on the agreed VHF Working Channel 68 and telephone number 290-8000 to report conditions, progress, and any difficulties. Advisories received by Race Headquarters will be passed on to ALL participating boats.
  • a) Each competing boat will be provided with a HIDDEN TECHNOLOGY (Hiddentec) TRACKING UNIT. This device will transmit positions of each boat to the Race Server and relayed to the Race website, Facebook page and Hiddentec web page for both boats and spectators to follow the progress of each competing sailboat. Skippers are to be advised of this link at Skippers Meeting.
  • b) The tracking unit will transmit a position to the Race Committee control room based at the RJYR office in Kingston.
  • c) The website and FaceBook page dedicated to this event will give access to the position of each competitor.
  • d) The GPS tracking unit will be a safety feature for each sailboat as well as maintain interest for any person interested in following the progress of the competitors.

Notices and changes to these Sailing Instructions will be placed on the RJYR website and Facebook page and placed on the notice board located by the RJYC Secretary’s Office.

Changes to these sailing instructions may alternatively be communicated by VHF radio or verbally from the officer in charge up to 30 minutes prior to the warning signal for the start of the race.


Yachts over 28 feet in length shall carry two (2) anchors; other yachts shall carry one (1), anchor. The anchor rode shall be of adequate size and at a minimum, 100ft length. Failure to comply will lead to disqualification.




An engine or power pump may be used for charging batteries, charging GPS tracker or communication devices, pumping bilges or supplying power for weighing anchor.

An engine may be used to recover a man overboard, to render assistance, or in any other grave emergency, the full details of which must be reported in the yacht’s declaration.

If a yacht has to take urgent avoiding action to prevent a collision, a penalty is likely only when racing advantage is gained. Auxiliary engines should be kept in a condition in which they will start readily.

A yacht which arrives late at the Start may use an engine or tow to reach the starting area provided that she:

(1)        Completes a 360-degree turn before starting, after switching off her engine or dropping her tow;

(2)        Does not start until 5 minutes after the starting signal;

(3)        Reports the incident with full details in her declaration.

    Yachts must carry sufficient fuel, properly stowed, in addition to that required for battery charging etc., to be able to motor at full speed for a minimum of
    100 nautical miles.
    The use of a boat’s autohelm is strictly forbidden when racing.
  • Every yacht shall carry the life-saving equipment specified in the Special
    Regulations of the ORC governing offshore racing for a Category 3 Race, subject to any amendments by these sailing instructions.
  • The yacht shall carry personal floatation equipment for each crew member. If a yacht does not have lifelines that adequately protect the port and starboard sides of the cockpit, then the crew must wear life jackets from the 5-minute warning signal and continue until they have crossed the finish line.
  • The yacht is advised to carry either carry certified life rafts or inflatable dinghies sufficient to safely carry all crew in the event of an emergency. Such life rafts or dinghies shall be stowed not more than 1 hatch from the yacht’s rail and must be readily deployable.
  • All yachts WILL be inspected by the designated RJYCRace Safety Officer– Alastair Stewart during the period January 8 – January 20. Failure to comply may render the boat ineligible to participate in the race.

Prizes will be awarded for the first, second and third place results under the handicap system, together with first across the line. Note a third-place prize will only be awarded if there are four or more entries.  Also, first on corrected time for boats that did not fly a spinnaker.

            Every competitor completing the RJYR will receive a medal to commemorate their achievement.

  • The decision to enter a vessel and to take part in this event is the sole responsibility of the Skipper of each vessel, and to notify the Race Committee and Race Headquarters if the yacht withdraws after starting the race. (RRS Part I (4).
  • The safety of a yacht and her crew is the sole and inescapable responsibility of the Skipper. Neither the Racing Rules of Sailing, equipment regulations, nor inspection of a yacht, limits or reduces complete, unlimited responsibility of the Skipper.
  • The race organizers, Round Jamaica Yacht Race, and other sponsors accept no liability for any accident or injury that may be sustained by or caused by any participant or others, or for the loss of or damage to any vessel in any way, or from any cause whatsoever during this Race or related activities.
  • Safety inspections can be completed at any time between now and 18.00 Sat, Jan 20, 2018. It is the responsibility of the skipper to arrange the inspection with the Safety Officer and to respect the Safety Officer’s recommendations.
  • There will be a Skippers’ Meeting on Fri, Jan 19, 2018, 14.00, at the Club House.
  • Participating boats are encouraged to make their way to Coal Wharf for an evening raft-up on the evening before the race.



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